Alexis – Assigned Counsel Services Software

Overview :

Track All Aspects of Every Voucher

Introducing a new comprehensive voucher assignment and voucher processing system for Public Defender Services work in Criminal, Supreme and Family Courts to streamline voucher submission and processing and to prevent fraud.

Alexis Software is extremely configurable and adaptable to evolving with local and legislative requirements. The administration module allows you to control who has access to information on your system, which means you have the flexibility you need to secure your data and also provide improved workflow and maximize efficiency.

Alexis Software is:

  • Comprehensive: a complete solution comprises voucher assignment, processing, scheduling and payment-interface.
  • Straightforward: Intuitively navigate the system quickly and easily.
  • Useful for everyone: While PDS Staff can control the entire voucher processing, Attorneys and Experts can fill out and submit vouchers online through external web interface.
  • Efficient: Prevent erroneous data entry and fraud.
  • Flexible: Extremely configurable to fit your office needs.
  • Secure: Protect your valuable data.
  • Seamless: Integrate with external and internal systems.

Track All Aspects of Every Voucher

From voucher assignment to voucher payment, all the workflow processes are tracked to detail to provide very deep insight on every voucher. Every voucher is bar-coded to enable easy tracking and entry at every workflow stage.

Alexis Software combines advanced functionality with ease-of-use. You can manage various types of vouchers, their assignment (by associating with Case Data), Versioning, Validations, etc., all the while benefiting from comprehensive security and auditing functions.

With Alexis Software, you can:

  • Manage all aspects of voucher processing and assignment.
  • Validate vouchers for errors and fraud.
  • Allow Attorneys and Experts to submit vouchers online with Activities, Expenses and Mileage info.
  • Upload and manage supporting documents online.
  • Locate any data item fast using many different filter criteria.
  • Track every change made on every voucher throughout the voucher life cycle.


  • Comprehensive Functionality
  • Arraignment Scheduling
  • Various Voucher Types
  • Voucher Assignment
  • Voucher Validations
  • Customize Workflow
  • Powerful Security
  • Bar-code enabled for Tracking
  • Document Management
  • Attorney Portal for External Users
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Public Defender Services (Assigned Counsel) Online is a complete solution.

And it has many features like automated voucher processing, barcode, doc upload & many more!

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Features :


Comprehensive Functionality

  • A fully integrated complete solution suite comprising of case and voucher assignment, voucher processing, scheduling and payment-interface modules
  • All modules work together to streamline business processes, maximize efficiency (faster processing) and ensure accurate and complete decision-driving information
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Bar-code Enabled

Every voucher is bar-coded to enable easy tracking and entry at every workflow stage.

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Full Control Over Voucher Processing

nDifferent types of vouchers can be generated and instantly assigned to vendors easily. Voucher tracking, aging, status report gives a full control on Vouchers system.

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Customized Voucher Templates

Various voucher templates to support Public Defender Office’s business function.

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EDI Enabled

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows the automatic, electronic transmission and reception of voucher and case information to and from different systems.

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Scalable to adapt your growing needs

Modern technologies making it scalable to as many as user needed, and at the same time handling the processing efficiently.

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Powerful Security and Administration

Voucher status level and voucher type level access give tremendous control over who can do what. Module level and object level access available to each user to view and access only those items that relate.

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Voucher Versioning

Powerful voucher versioning technique tracks all the changes and allows with an easy to view user interface to compare any specific versions of the same voucher.